A Writerly Advent Calendar - Window No. 9

This is a little different - not an actual, physical gift but something incredibly useful for a writer. Why not set up a blog for your writer friend?

A Blogger blog can be set up for free. There are numerous templates to choose from, also free. Visit www.blogger.com

Using wordpress.org or wordpress.com, you can set up a blog with the downloaded Wordpress software.

Any expense comes in hosting the website, buying a domain name, and if you want to use a template (or in Wordpress-talk, a 'theme') that isn't free, although many of the free themes are perfectly workable.

Again, you can set up a tumblr blog entirely free of charge. Tumblr is what they call a 'microblogging' platform. It suits blog posts that are smaller such as photographs, gifs, quotes etc.

You can find more information here.


  1. Why on earth do I have all three of these? Lol

  2. I know nothing about Tumblr. Is it really good and is it worth having along with my WordPress blog? I also have a Blogger blog but rarely go there anymore.

    1. I think it's a case of finding what suits you.


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