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After planning to spend a day working on the garden, the weather has eventually chased me indoors. With the rain throwing itself at the windows and the sky grey with cloud, it might at first appear to be an uninspiring scenario, an excuse to curl up with a book or watch daytime TV. However, taking the opportunity while my husband entertains our children, I have brought my laptop upstairs to our bedroom.

Often people look elsewhere for inspiration, outside their normal lives. They sometimes feel that there is nothing worthwhile writing about close to home. On days when your mood is as rainy and grey as the weather outside, take one more look inside.

Here is your challenge. Look at a surface in your home - a shelf, the top of a chest of drawers, a windowsill - any surface that holds a selection of items. For instance, on the top of the chest of drawers in my bedroom are two wedding photos, a figurine that holds two of my necklaces, and currently a cup of tea. On the windowsill is a paperw…

More thoughts on inspiration

I've just been writing posts for my other two blogs, both about inspiration and it made me realise how much material there is around us every day.

A friend recently asked me to make her some smart jewellery to wear at her new job. She's working in an advisory role, helping people, and she wanted me to use crystals that would assist her in that. I used green rutilated quartz, a crystal renowned for it's usefulness in filtering negative energy from clients but supporting them as they release these emotions. You can see her necklace here.

The same friend had a celebratory evening out last week and by the end of the evening, I had a brand new idea for a murder mystery set in a beauty salon with an all female cast. I've already decided who the victim is and have about half of the motives worked out too.

Life is rich with titbits of inspiration - photos, the natural world, overheard conversations. All we have to do is put on our creative cap and open our eyes and ears.

Alien landscape?

I thought I'd give you a little more photo inspiration. These were taken when I was on holiday one year. I'm not telling you the location because I don't want that to detract from the possibilities of these landscapes.

What do you think? Martian outpost? Western adventure? Unknown galaxy? Imagine what could happen there.