A Writerly Advent Calendar - Window No. 18

Writers can become so focused on one thing that we forget about everything else. Give them a helping hand  by buying them a wall calendar. A month to a page calendar provides a writer with the chance to record deadlines and reminders. My calendar hangs close to my desk in a place that I can't miss when entering or leaving the room. I check it at least once a day and as soon as I have a deadline or appointment of any kind, I scribble it down on my calendar.


  1. I use calendars that way, too. When I had four children at home there were six of us with activities and appointments to keep track of, so you can be sure our kitchen calendar was referred to often! The blocks for each date had to be large enough to write a few things in.
    I like your idea of a calendar like that for keeping track of writing contests and deadlines and such. :)


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