What I'm doing this month - November

It's finally here - the day my family has been waiting for. It's felt like the whole process has moved at a snail's pace but we got there in the end.

We're moving!

When I next post on this blog, it will be from our new house (well, new to us).

There'll be a lot to sort out - boxes to unpack, change of address notifications to send out, finding a place for everything - along with continuing to run our normal life too.

So, although you will hear from me this month, most of it will be taken up with settling into our new home.

Wish me luck.

What Hallowe'en?

Hallowe’en is a bit of a non starter for me this year. The whole family are working on the new house we’ve bought (but not yet moved into), decorating our teens’ bedrooms in readiness for when new carpets arrive tomorrow.
We’ve spent the last few days steaming, scraping and generally manhandling woodchip off the walls. Each morning we’ve woken up stiff and tired from our evening stints, so by tonight, all we’ll be any good for is watching a scary movie on TV, phoning for a takeaway meal, and staggering to the door to hand over sweets to the trick or treating kiddies.
This time last year, I wrote about what Hallowe’en means to me in A Hallowe’en Dilemma. All of that still holds true.
Hallowe’en will always be a special day to me, and before I drag myself off to bed (I’m beginning to sound more and more like a zombie as I write), I’ll spare a thought for my loved ones who are no longer with us.

Wherever you spend it, and whatever you do, have a wonderful Hallowe’en. 

Photo Inspiration for October

Seeing as it is Hallowe'en in a matter of days, I thought it only fitting that this month's photo inspiration should be suitably scary.

Or perhaps, you don't find this image or graveyards scary.

There's a leaf strewn path leading through a shady graveyard to an area of bright sunlight. Do you walk along the path? Do you stay where you are? Do you investigate the gravestones, leaving the path to tread in between the stones?

Are you walking the dog? Are you meeting someone? Are you escaping someone?

What does this photo inspire you to write?

Stories are everywhere

A couple of weekends ago, I took my teens to a local artisan market, the Makers Market at Chester. I bribed them both with a fiver to spend and they happily pootled round the market with me.

Near the entrance of the market, I spotted an artist's stall when we first arrived. In our new house, we'll need some new artwork and there were all kind of gorgeous prints to choose from.

Donning my sensible hat though, I decided to save my money until I'd been round the rest of the market.

If you ever have the chance to visit a Makers Market (and that's your kind of thing - food, handcrafted goods, artwork), then get yourself along there. My teens were especially impressed with the  macaroons and burgers.

By the time we got back to the entrance, on the way out, I half expected that the one print that had really caught my eye would be gone, but I was in luck.

If I'm like a kid in the proverbial sweet shop with stationery and books, then artwork comes a close third.

As I was l…

What I'm doing this month - October

It's cold. My coat is rarely off my back, the garden has gone into hibernation, and my feet are freezing all the time.

I finally gave in and switched the central heating on yesterday. My feet are still cold. I may have to buy slippers.

It's going to be a weird month as 'real life' takes over. Well, not so much real as mundane and non writing.

The house purchase has progressed, although no dates are firm as yet, so that frantic decluttering I mentioned this time last month has become even more frantic. Frantic-er? Is that a word? It is now.

You know in the film Top Gun where Tom Cruise's character Maverick and his friend Goose say, "I feel the need, the need for speed"? Well, I feel the need, the need for obsessive and to within an inch of its life organisational skills at the moment. Energy would be good too but I've given up caffeine.

This is probably the last full month I'll have in this house so along with the household organising, declutterin…

6 reasons I keep a Bullet Journal

Need a new way to organise your year, diary and thoughts? A bullet journal could be just the thing.
A couple of weeks into 2017, I came across a magazine article about an organisational tool that I hadn’t heard of before – a bullet journal. It sounded ideal so I turned to my best friend online, Google to find out more.
Whoa! The internet was teeming with entries on bullet journals – how to start one, how to organise one, where to buy one, and how to make your bullet journal look adorably stylish. How had I not come across this before?
If you’re a bullet journal virgin like I was, then let me explain.
A bullet journal is an organisational tool that captures your to-do-list, diary, thoughts and really anything else you need to capture, in a written format, i.e. a notebook, not a computer file.
How to Bullet Journal from
“A notebook?” I hear you say. “Isn’t that, well, old-fashioned and time-consuming? I can keep all that information on my phone and computer.”
Maybe you …

What I'm doing this month - September

September always a marks a new start to the year for me as my offspring return to school after the long summer break and I get my days back.

Launching my new business

This year is an especially fresh start as I begin to develop my copywriting business.

Back in February, I started down the freelance copywriter path, writing in-house material, sales emails and other goodies for a local business.

Over the summer break, I delved into the world of copywriting a little further by seeking out relevant training and joining a number of online business groups. There is so much brilliant advice out there already from existing copywriters and business owners, that it's been easy, and fun, to put together a support network of helpful mentors. After all, who better to ask then the individuals who have already done it?

Now, with my domain purchased, I'm ready to set up my copywriting business proper, website and all.

'Watch this space' as they say, for future news of the launch of my…