A Writerly Advent Calendar - Window No. 16

Aqua Notes - www.myaquanotes.com

I don't know about you but the moment I turn on the shower or lie down in the bath, my muse comes knocking, well, splashing or poking, you know what I mean. Of course, I don't have anything to take notes on when I'm in this situation. My children long since outgrew bath letters. I do my best to keep the ideas in my brain but often I forget some details.

Aqua notes must surely be the answer. They're waterproof, to the point that you can use them underwater, and recyclable too.


  1. My daughter gave me one last Christmas. I love it except it tends to lose its stick and crash to the shower floor; scares me half to death for a moment! ;-)

  2. Yup. My muse likes hot water too, because my brain always goes into overdrive when I'm in the shower or bath. I always bring in my notebook and try to write something on the ledge of the tub...with my wet hand. haha I need Aqua notes! ;)

  3. This would be preferred over damp and torn paper sitting on the side of the tub. lol

  4. Seems like we all need Aquanotes.


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