A Writerly Advent Calendar - No. 5

Writing can be a lonely existence, especially if it's your main career and you work from home. So why not help to decorate your writerly friend's home with a piece of writing-related decor.

Perhaps, a cushion.

Underwood Typewriter Cushion, RubyandB - Etsy, $32.10

I like Big Books cushion, Redbubble, £12.40

Writer cushion, Redbubble, £12.40

Or a piece of artwork.

Typewriter and Bleed, Noteworthy Quotes - Etsy, $5.00

To Kill a Mockingbird art, Redpostbox - Etsy, $12.84


  1. These are pretty cool. I can always use a pillow to cuddle up with.

  2. I especially like the To Kill a Mockingbird quote.


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