A Writerly Advent Calendar - Window No. 7

Pens. Biro pens. Fountain pens. Wonderfully colourful gel pens (some of them even with glitter - calm down, Fi). Most writers get giddy over pens.

They don't have to be expensive - just a packet of black and blue biros will do. Of course, something a tad more personal (with initials or in favourite colours) could be a wonderful gift to treasure in years to come. You can even get pens that are erasable nowadays. I got some for my last birthday, that mysteriously disappeared into my children's pencil cases.

Any writer will be chuffed with a gift of pens.

Fisher Space Pen - for the writer who likes to write anywhere and at any angle.

Procrastination Pen from Knock Knock

Personalised Gel Pens from W H Smith


  1. Pens with either purple or green ink are my favorite.:)

  2. I like those too but I'm a sucker for colourful gel pens. I'm such a big kid.

  3. I had some gel pens with metallic shiny ink. They were my favourites. Sad when they ran out.

    1. Buy some more (or even better, hint that you want some for Christmas).

  4. I like pens - especially fine point. For some reason I write my stories in pencil more. Pens, pencils ... hmmm.. I must add those to my Christmas ideas list. Thanks. :)


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