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Tuesday Choice Words

Being an author and public speaking is a recent podcast from Iain Broome.

How (Not) To Kill Your Story In Its Cradle from The Wicked Writing Blog discusses getting your opening paragraph right.

Start a Fight from Writerly Life suggests what it says.

Three Ways To Ground Readers In Your World is an interesting article from The Other Side of the Story.

Why Character Arcs (and Growth) Make Readers Care is another fascinating post from The Other Side of the Story.

Photo Inspiration for February


Tuesday Choice Words

7 Ways to Add Great Subplots to your Novel is an interesting article from Writers Digest.

12 Tips On How To Write Antagonists Your Readers Will Love To Hate from Karen Woodward has some brilliant tips for writing a colourful and interesting antagonist.

I've Written a Rough Draft, Now What? by Jean Nicole Rivers suggests how to progress from your first draft.

How To Sell 8 Million Books from Bestseller Labs features writing advice from author, Ray Bradbury.

How To Take Good Author Photos is an informative article from Bookbaby.

The Darkling's Song

A couple of months ago I came across The Piano Guys, a group of incredibly talented musicians who perform (and often combine) contemporary and classical music in their own insightful way, mainly on piano and cello. One of their songs fits perfectly with my character, Bodrn - dark, agile and emotionally reaching.


Tuesday Choice Words

Three Ways to Add Tension During Revisions is a thought provoking article from The Other Side of the Story.

Richard Skinner presents the writing advice of author W G Sebald in Max Sebald's Writing Tips.

Creating Your Literary Ecosystem: The 10 Elements of a Successful Writing Career is an informative and useful article from The BookBaby Blog.

Five Edits to Strengthen Your Writing, Right Now from The Other Side of the Story is a useful article that I shall be using myself.

Of Chao and Order is a post on the Magical Words site by Faith Hunter which discusses how to add depth and darkness to your characters.

Tuesday Choice Words

The Infodump Scene Part Last - Morality is the final instalment of Faith Hunter's Infodump series on the Magical Words site.

Setting Your Characters in the Proper Setting from Live Write Thrive discusses how to write about 'mundane' settings without boring your reader.

Finding Story Ideas Through Pinterest from Deborah Jones - Writing Out Loud talks about finding inspiration through Pinterest images.

Make A Writer's Block Survival Kit from diy MFA presents a wonderful way to beat writer's block.

Open Up to a New Story from Writerly Life discusses how to start something new after you've finished writing a novel or come to the end of a project.