A Writerly Advent Calendar - Window No. 12

I've already mentioned the writer's love for pens but along with that goes a writer's giddiness over a well-formed writing pad. Be it A5 or A4, lined or blank, ringbound or punched, a lovely, fresh pad will make any writer smile.

As with the pens, they don't have to be expensive and they're widely available in stationers, gift shops or supermarkets.

 Here's a selection that I came across.

Pink Blossom Blue Sky Gifts, Zazzle

Strangemoo, Zazzle

W H Smith




  1. These are great gifts and come in so many designs. I have a bunch and would never turn down another. ;)

  2. This is terrific! Wonder if it's too late to revise my wish list...

  3. I have a few and really like them ... but ... why do I hesitate to write in them?? They are still unused.

    1. I don't have that problem. I do however have the problem of shelves overflowing with filled writing pads.

    2. I have tons of spiral notebooks in just about every size and dearly love all the specialty notebooks I receive. One in particular is an unlined notebook made of Daphne bush bark in Nepal; the very feel of which invokes a certain hushed reverence. I've written in it only twice in nine years!


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