Window No. 7

One Christmas, my parents gave me an old hardback copy of Peter Pan. There was no name written on the inside cover so I don't know whether it had belonged to either of them. I remember looking for the date of publication and finding a year that seemed very long ago and old to me. The story of the boy who wouldn't grow up was fantastical and enchanting. I preferred Tinkerbell to Wendy who seemed too motherly and proper to me. I devoured the book in a few nights' reading and then placed it on my treasured bookcase with my other darling books.

Peter Pan is a story that has lived on and been revisited so many times that I doubt there are many people who haven't heard of it . It has been drawn by Disney, peopled by Robin Williams and Maggie Smith, and has forever made famous the name Captain Hook.

What appealed to me most, at that age, was the idea that a child could choose not to grow up. A life of childhood on an island with other children and adventure and magical friends appeared to be a perfect scenario. Being a grown-up seemed boring at the best of times, scary at the worst, and incredibly alien. How much better it would be to be able to fly.


  1. I always liked Peter Pan. Every child wishes he/she could fly. Okay, I still wish that. :)

  2. Me too. So much easier to get the kids to school that way.

  3. I totally wish I can fly, but I do while shamanic journeying. I can keep the magic I always wanted. What's the difference if it's in your head or physical. Still real. This is why books/ stories are so powerful!


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