Resolving to write in 2012

I know, I know, 2012 isn't here yet but while I have a little time before I start to celebrate, I thought I'd consider how I might improve my writing in the year to come. I don't normally make personal resolutions but a new year seems like an excellent opportunity to spend time considering the creative portion of my life.

Resolution No. 1 - Finish My Novel

This one doesn't require any explanation really.

Resolution No. 2 - Read More Books

I've always found an indulgent joy in settling myself down in a silent room with a book to keep me company. 2011 has kept me so busy though that I've got out of the habit of reading for pleasure. In 2012, that is going to change.

Resolution No. 3 - Give Myself Permission To Write

As I said above, 2011 has been an incredibly busy year, ending with a house move that I'm still recovering from. Gradually, I've allowed the school run, housework and commitments to other people to eat into my writing time. In 2012, I will put the onus back on my writing.

So there you have it - my writing resolutions for 2012. I'd love to hear what yours are.

All the best for a creative and productive new year.


  1. I want to figure out this WIP that keeps tripping me up. I love it but there are gaps I have to fill. I also want to find a home for my MG my agent has on submission. I'd like to write three novels, and finally, I want to build my platform in time for my January 2013 YA debut.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Lots to work on there, Kelly.

  3. Hey there, Fi. They sound reasonable to accomplish!

    Finished my first draft a couple of months ago; yet the rewriting phase has been quite a challenge. I do plan to have it ready for pub before end of year. In the meantime, I hear ya on reading: I joined the Goodreads Reading Challenge to keep my reading on track, too. Nothing to me is better than being immersed in someone else's good book!

    Thanks, Tonya


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