Window No. 19

This was a typical New Year's Eve party at our house. Everyone would be dressed up (that's me in the pink dress and the bad perm). Our group would usually number around ten - my parents and me. the Griffins and their son, the Jones and their friends Madge and Jim. The evening would start with a meal out at a country pub, then it'd be back to our house for a party until midnight. At twelve o'clock, everything would stop and as the final chime rang out, we'd join hands and sing 'Auld Lang Syne'. After the resulting hugs, we'd go first footing, calling in on each other's houses. Sometimes one of us would bring along a piece of coal and a sprig of greenery, other times it would be a bottle of wine. One year, Jim even led us down the street playing his bagpipes. Unfortunately the mad gasman (one of the neighbours not at our party) called the police that year but that's another story altogether.

Christmas Day was different. The morning was for pyjamas; the afternoon was casual. We stayed indoors with our loved ones and left the outside world for Boxing Day. It might have been cold outside but we didn't care.


  1. I never went anywhere for Christmas Eve. Now we sometimes go to my inlaws house. But usually it's Christmas books, music, and shows. Then after my daughter goes to sleep, my husband and I exchange gifts so the morning can just be about her.

  2. On Christmas Eve we went to church and then to my grandparent's house to open one present and eat cookies and other snacks.


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