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Just a short post today. When I was a child, we rarely had snow at Christmas. We might see a bit of the white stuff in November perhaps or on my birthday in January but the 25th of December was usually just, well, wet. The reality of snow now I'm a parent isn't half as romantic and magical as it was when I was a child but I can still dream.


  1. We've had plenty of snow on Christmas here. Personally, I don't like it because it means I don't get to see my family. One Christmas we were expecting a big storm. I went to my parents' house the night before to make sure I could see them. This was before I was married. I didn't get to see my sister and that really bothered me. Now Christmas is at my house, and it would break my daughter's heart if she didn't get to see her grandparents and aunt for Christmas. So I'm hoping the snow stays away for Christmas.

  2. As a person who has had snow at almost every Christmas, (we're talking decades...many decades) I'm ready for palm trees, sand and surf!

    Happy holidays, regardless of the weather, Fi.

  3. It just goes to show how romanticised the idea of a white Christmas is to those of us who generally don't get it. We're mid house move and have bit hit by snow and hailstones. At the moment, snow isn't looking so good to me.

    Hope you both get the festive weather you want.

  4. I loved snow as a child growing up in Michigan. And honestly, I miss seeing it now as an adult living in Texas. My children have only seen it twice. Sigh I guess if we did have it on a regular the kids wouldn't be as excited about it.

  5. LOL I miss the snow. Growing up in Michigan we always had snow at Christmas. Living in Texas has been different for me. My kids have only seen snow twice... Sigh I do miss it- sometimes.

  6. It has been a warm fall in upstate New York, but we had snow yesterday, so you never know what is going to happen!


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