Window No. 13

This was my daughter's school carol concert at the local Asda. We walked them down, in the rain, and stood bedraggled, shivering and dripping as our young ones began to sing. As we listened to them, thirty nine year olds belting out 'Little Donkey' to bemused shoppers, something interesting happened. We (parents and teachers) forgot that we were cold. We didn't notice the draught of air that shook us every time the entrance doors slid open. Strangers racing round the store, stopped, joined us, dropped a coin in the bucket held by one of the children. As a body, we let the festive music fill our moment.

However cynical and bah-humbuggish we may be about festive joy and yuletide spirit, not many of us can go uninfected by the music of Christmas. From 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' to 'Silent Night' to 'Fairytale of New York', there's a festive song for everyone.


  1. My daughter's Christmas play is Friday night. I can't wait. Sorry you got wet at your daughter's concert, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway.


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