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My father and I didn't tend to like the same TV programmes when I was a child. He watched the football. I liked Blue Peter. He enjoyed Fawlty Towers. I preferred Animal Magic. One programme we did agree on was Doctor Who.  Like every child before me, I hid behind the sofa when the Daleks trundled on and peeped out between my fingers at the Cybermen, but there was something exciting and otherworldly about the Doctor and his companions travelling through time in a blue box.

On Christmas Day, Doctor Who was the height of viewing for my father and me. This year, I'll be watching it with my husband, our children and my in-laws.

I've loved all the Doctors but Jon Pertwee was the one I remember most fondly. Which was your favourite?



  1. I have three favourite Doctor Whos - Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and, of course, David Tennant.

    The Daleks used to scare me when I was little but my Nanna still won't watch the Cyberman


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