One of the main incentives for starting this blog was to use it as a companion to my novel writing - a way to discuss thoughts and ideas as they arise through the creation of my novel, talk through progress and think up answers to any problems that I may come across.

'Split' is the first of a series of fantasy novels. The world of Split is a version of our future when society still doffs a cap to religion but the main culture is based around technology. Magic also exists in this world but after a supposed terrorist attack is outlawed.

The idea for 'Split' started out as a Tolkien-esque fantasy story that featured wizards, angels, elves and monsters. I toyed with the idea for many years, even completing the novel in this form. I still have the original typed manuscript. Still, it never felt right or complete.

A couple of years ago I got the idea to set my novel in a future world and what had been titled 'The Crystal Prince' became 'Split'. Suddenly the story felt right.

Along the way I had come up with snippets of ideas - storylines, scenarios, characters - and these have combined to create the other novels in this series.

The world of 'Split' is coming into focus.


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