Oh no, you didn't...

I've been writing murder mystery plays for 12 years now but a recent conversation at the school gate has added a new arrow to my bow.

The PTFA (parents and teachers association) at my children's school have asked me to write a pantomime for them to be performed by the teachers and parents. I've acted in several pantomimes during my years of am dram (see if you can spot me in the photo - I was blonde then) but putting the words into the actors' mouths is a fresh challenge.

They've asked for Cinderella and have recruited almost the entire school staff. The headmistress has been targeted as the wicked Stepmother. I've put together the song list already. I hope the head won't hold it against me that she has to sing Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I have my scene plan. Just need to write it now. I have two weeks to get the first two scenes to them so rehearsals can begin.

Wish me luck.


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