My list of creativity

It's the Easter break at the moment, two weeks holiday - no school, lots of children time, not so much me time, even less housework time, but plenty of trips out. Today, unfortunately for the kids, we had to do the boring stuff - supermarket, laundry, paying bills -but neither the queue at the till nor the lack of mummy time ("not now, I'll play with you later, Mummy has work to do") dampened my children's ability to find magic and fun in their surroundings.

It got me thinking about creativity and how we all fit it into our day, even if we don't notice. Here's mine:
  1. Before I had even got out of bed, I had a conversation with my four year old son about the merits of Pokemon over Power Rangers.
  2. I persuaded said son to leave Mummy to have a shower by selling him the idea of building a Pokemon from Lego with the negotiated proviso that he brought assorted limbs in while I showered to ask my opinion.
  3. Breakfast (Weetabix) was provided for my two children with strawberry limbs and nose, raisin eyes and banana hair.
  4. I had a light-sabre fight with my son while speaking on the phone to our electricity supplier.
  5. Having realised that I had forgotten to buy any items that would sensibly knit together for an evening meal for the children, I quickly made some big bread baps into pizzas, found the remaining two potato waffles in the freezer and combined them with a tin of baked beans to produce a mini feast.
  6. I even managed to tell the children a story about dragons (which they then created with Lego) while I worked on my novel.
  7. And finally, the children are asleep and here I am being a creative blogger.


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