Something Useful for 2015 - Exercise No. 11

The idea for this month's writing exercise sprouted on a weekend trip to a place called Bodelwyddan Castle. This is what got me thinking.

My children dashed into the maze ahead of us and disappeared from view. We could hear them running along passageways, with the occasional glimpse of them through a gap in a hedge, but we didn't meet up again until we found the exit.

Imagine a maze. What does it look like? What purpose does it serve? Is there a centre or just an exit? Is the entrance also the exit? Are the walls of the maze made from hedges, bricks or some other material? Is it open to the sky or enclosed by a roof? Is it joyful or frightening? Are there distractions along the way?

Are there statues in your maze?

Can you see the light of the sky?

Do you cross waterways?

Are there clues in your maze?
Go on. Tell me about your maze.


  1. There's maze in my MG book that is based on a real maze I went through in Aruba as a child. :)

    1. My kids love mazes so I bet that works really well in an MG book.


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