Photo Inspiration for March

Last month was manic for me, and not in a creative way. Real life took me away from my writing and I completely forgot to give you a photo inspiration post. This month, I'm giving you two photographs to make up for it.

Written on the back of this photo - Nov 1946, left to right Peggy, Margaret, Marie.

Written on the back of this photo - Nov 1946, left to right Billy, Margaret, Peggy.

These two photographs are from a collection I have of unknown faces. I'm sure if my mother was still alive, she could tell me who they were but in her absence, I can only surmise that these were friends of hers or her family.

Which photo are you drawn to and which face within that photo? Personally, I can't see much of a family resemblance between them. I know that Billy is Margaret's child. I have no idea where this was taken but I assume that it's somewhere in Yorkshire, England.

What do you think? Was this a trip out with family? Was it summer time? 1946 was the year after the second world war ended in Europe. I have other photographs of Margaret and Billy but there is never a man present in those images. 

What would these photographs inspire you to write?


  1. I see a book premise here about a character who discovers old photographs. It could be paranormal or mystery or even historical fiction. So many possibilities.

  2. I love old photos like that. I always wonder about the lives of the people in them.


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