Something Useful for 2015 - Exercise No. 10

Today, the weather is frosty and grey. There are no warm skies to compliment the remains of ice and white left by the night-chill. The view through my window is blanched, bled out, deathly pale. I long for a touch of blue or green to lift my mood.

Weather is a constant although it is so commonplace that we don't always notice it. Rain. Snow. Fog. Sun. It all affects us in some way - the clothes we wear, the route we take to work, and how we feel when we step out of the door on a morning. It can also be a mood setting device in our writing.

Dark clouds can bring a feeling of impending doom. Floods suggest the loss of control. Snow can be magical or a blanket over what is buried beneath it. Sunshine lends optimism. Victorian smog added to the element of mystery and something unpleasant lurking unseen in Gothic novels. There are so many ways that weather can be used to affect the reader.

Write an opening paragraph where the weather creates a mood.


  1. Great prompt. Weather can definitely create mood. It can also contrast it, which is pretty cool, too.

  2. This post was so vivid. I loved it!

  3. Each picture evokes a different emotion from me. I do like looking up at dark clouds even though they traditionally mean an impending doom.

  4. Excellent idea, Fi. Weather definitely can contribute to the mood of a scene. The middle picture has so much texture.


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