Photo Inspiration for January

One of the few constants in our busy lives is the sky. Whether it's filled with clouds or clear, it is always there. Personally, stopping to look up has saved me from making several bad decisions. It's comforted me and given me fresh perspective too.

Wherever you are, in a city, in the countryside, even sat inside, look up and the sky is there. How does it make you feel? Does the sky set your mood or set you free? How can you use the sky in your writing? Does its mood reflect the mood of your writing? Does it bring together all the characters under it? Is it oppressive? In your writing, is it the Earth sky you can see, or an alien sky?

Tell me about your sky.


  1. I love looking at the sky for inspiration. I wrote my free MG story about imaginary friends after looking at the sky one day.

  2. My sky right now has a few puffs of clouds. :) I love looking at the sky, especially during sunset.

    1. The sky here has been grey and full of sleet and snow all day.


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