Something Useful for 2014 - Exercise No. 7

This month's exercise is one I was set about two decades ago by the wonderful poet and my then writing instructor, Pat Borthwick. Thanks, Pat, for the inspiration.

Choose a colour. Make a list of things that you associate with it it. For example,

Red - lipstick, blood, silk.
Blue - sky, air, calm.
White - cloud, age, daisy.

As you can see, these can be material things, feelings or concepts. List as many things as you can think of.

Now, using your list, all or just some of what you have written, write a short passage. It can be a poem or prose, even dialogue.

Here's my green passage:

Calm. That's how I felt, breathing in the sweet scent of freshly cut grass, my bare feet damp with the newly released sap as I crossed the lawn. 


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