Sadly Giving Up

As I've probably mentioned before, I tend to have several books on the go at one time. There'll be one book on my phone to read when I'm out and about, another on my bedside cabinet, and probably a third in the cavernous handbag I occasionally drag out with me. Sometimes, I'll curl up on the couch and read a fourth - the depravity of it all. I'd love to be one of those ordered people who can read books sequentially, from the first to the last of their year's assigned reading list. I'm not that kind of animal though. I hop about between books daily. Thankfully, I have a good memory so I rarely lose track of each storyline - phew.
I like to think that I'm a good 'judge of character' when it comes to choosing reading material. I'm rarely disappointed by what I choose, even if I skip some parts of the book, and most of my books become happy shelf buddies in my house.

For the last two months, however, I've struggled with a novel. I don't want to say what it is because I've enjoyed non fiction written by this author and the novel in question has obviously been meticulously researched. I can tell that the author loves their characters. I know the plot has elements that appeal to this author's attitude to life. They've expressed how proud they are of this novel. I really wanted to love it too.

But I can't. I struggle with the way the novel has been written, untidy in places, confusing in others. I can't remember ever giving up on a novel in the past so I've persevered with this one, willing it to improve, hoping that I'll find my way through it all. I'm about halfway through and finally, today, I've decided to concede defeat. I just can't read on.

I feel awful. Having read other material by this author - most of their non fiction books sit on my bookshelves - I feel like I'm betraying them, but there are other books on my list that I want to start, and finish this year.

I don't want to criticise this author because that isn't what this blog, or what I am about, so I'll simply put this novel back on my bookshelf unfinished and sadly move on.


  1. I've had to give up on books too. I always feel bad about it and I never mention the book or review it online. I just chalk it up to not being for me and move on.

  2. Hi Fi, dropping by from She Writes. I don't think you should feel bad about not finishing the book. There have been MANY occasions where I haven't finished a novel. Life is too short to read books that we don't enjoy! No point in struggling through something when you could be reading something enjoyable. Not every person is going to like every book, and I'm also aware of that as an author: some people will like my book, some people won't. And that's okay! Anyway, I hope you find something that you like soon and don't have to struggle through.

    1. Thanks, Quanie. Starting my next read tonight.

    2. It's not often I abandon a book, but it's often happens when it's one I'm reading because I want to see what all the fuss is about.

      Hence I tried to read The Fault in our Stars but never got past the first pages. (It was never going to have a satisfactory ending for me anyway) and I've attempted Divergent twice and failed both times. (And that's before I knew the heroine was going to die in the last book ... Umm, are you seeing a pattern here?)

      On the strength of my failure to read the books, I won't be watching the films either lol.

    3. lol - which is why I stay away from 'hype' books.

  3. I have the same problem. I give up on novels a lot. Maybe I'm just too picky. Yes, I do feel bad. But it fades in the attempts to read another one. I'm a very slow reader too when it comes to enjoyment reading. Unless it's really interesting, it takes me forever. Or like I said, I'll just put it down and move on. Glad I'm not alone in this.


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