The nearest I'll come to making a new year's resolution in 2014

The intention of making new year's resolutions has always been to start anew but seeing as 2014 will be more of a continuation for me (working on my novel, writing more plays, losing more weight), I decided to make just one new effort.

I'm constantly reading (on my bedside cabinet at the moment are Titania Hardie's The Rose Labyrinth and the first Skulduggery Pleasant novel) but in 2014, I've decided that I'll step away from my usual genres and authors and support some of the writers that I follow, know and converse with. So my reading list for the first half of 2014 looks something like this:
  1. Ninety-Five Percent Human by Suzanna Williams: a young adult alien adventure inspired by the 'Welsh Roswell', an alleged UFO crash in the Berwyn Mountains in 1974.
  2. A is for Angelica by Iain Broome: his debut novel, "Gordon Kingdom struggles with the fate of his seriously-ill wife while patiently observing and methodically recording the lives of those around him: his neighbours." The reviews promise me dark comedy and even darker despair.
  3. Dream Country by Donna Sorenson (sorry, Donna, I can't find the correct crossed o to put in your name): her first book of poems. As I'm looking to return to writing poetry myself this year, I thought Dream Country would be a good taster.
  4. Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman: the first novel in the Split Worlds series. Okay, fantasy is my favourite genre so this isn't far from my comfort zone but I've been raring to read her books since I came across them.
  5. Touch of Death by Kelly Hashway: Another fantasy novel, this time in the young adult sector. Kelly is a prolific and diverse writer across genres and age groups. 
So there you have it. I have Suzanna's novel in book form but since I received a Kobo mini at Christmas, I may read the others as e-books (if my husband will be kind enough to download them for me. I still have to learn how to do that. Thank heavens for my gadget loving husband.). What are you reading this year?


  1. Oh wow! I can't tell you how honored I am to have made your list of 2014 reads! Thank you so much, Fi. I hope you enjoy Touch of Death. :)

  2. Excited to be on your reading list. Hope you're not going to abandon Skulduggery Pleasant though :-)

    1. Ooh no, it's research (rather enjoyable research) so I'll probably read a couple of books at a time.


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