New Project No. 1

This weekend, I started on one of my 2014 writing projects. 'Dead Fit' is the first of the two murder mystery plays I plan to write this year. I had January pencilled in for working on my novel but a request from a friend on Friday night led to a massive brainstorm session this weekend.

  • a 20 to 30 minute murder mystery play,
  • first act needed in a week,
  • known cast of 10 (4 male, 6 female) aged from late 20s to 70s,
  • 9 motives for murder,
  • and a setting that requires minimum staging and props.

Stories, of all kinds, always have a starting source. Perhaps, it's a character - that little old lady you saw at the  bus stop - that begs for a plot, or a newspaper story that places a 'what if' in your mind. With my murder mystery plays, there are always two starting points:
  • Who is the murder victim?
  • Why would anyone murder this person?

I have an answer to the first question. Priscilla is a flamboyant aerobics instructor in her sixties. I'm still working on the 'why'. A weekend of late nights and early mornings have led to the completion of Act One, written, re-drafted and polished, ready to send off. 

Act One serves its purpose of introducing the characters and dropping in a few clues. My next task is to compile a list of motives. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! It sounds like fun but also tough to do. I have no doubt you'll pull it off though. :)


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