Happy New (Chinese) Year

Okay, this is as much as I can raise to such a celebration at the moment as it's a tad too early to crack open the bubbly but I wanted to join in with the fun. Although the Chinese New Year is officially tomorrow, 31st January, apparently the festival begins today so 'Happy new year'.

This is the year of the horse. My daughter comes under this Chinese Zodiac sign and it seems a good match for her.

"...energetic, bright and intelligent."

"...cheerful, popular, talented and enjoy entertaining. They are associated with success and cannot stand failure."

That last part is certainly true but we've found ways to cajole her out of a sulk (usually incorporating the term 'blinky trout-face' - you have to be there to appreciate the relevance). If you're interested in the Chinese Zodiac, the rest of my family incorporates a snake (that's me), a rat and a monkey.

Apparently a horse year will bring "health and prosperity" and is an excellent time to travel. That all sounds good to me.

Will you be celebrating the Chinese new year?


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