Tuesday Choice Words

Blue skies, washing on the line, ice in my drink - it must be summer. I love my autumn walks and the freshness of the spring colours but the summer heat does relax me. It's a shame that I have to work.

Nicola Morgan raises a valid question on her blog - Are you starting in the right place?


  1. I have a lot of work too. Great Jane Yolen quote.

    1. At least we get to 'write' as part of that work though.

    2. I think your blog is GREAT! You are a wonderfully creative writer!

    3. Aw, thank you, Samantha.

  2. I am dealing with this now--where to start my third novel. This was very helpful. Thanks, Fi.

  3. Nicoal is always well worth reading...and quoting! Great link :)


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