Tuesday Choice Words

After a weekend away in the city where I grew up and meeting up with friends I haven't seen for decades, I'm full of life stories and realisations. I'm also hobbling around with an injured leg. It feels like I'm being told to slow down and reassess - not a bad thing to have to do in this heat. Is it too early for a white wine spritzer?

In the opening issue of the new literary journal, Compose, I found this post by Barbara Abercrombie. It's an excerpt from her book, A Year of Writing Dangerously - well worth a read.

Donovan Building by Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre
This wonderful image is taken from a selection of photos titled 'The Ruins of Detroit. They're well worth a look merely for their own sake but these atmospheric shots of civilisation halted and abandoned could well prove an inspiration for your writing. I've already chosen two or three as scenes for future novels.


  1. I hope your leg feels better soon!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. It's almost better. Just get the occasional twinge. For once, I'm the one saying 'wait for me' on the way to school.

  2. This brought up an interesting thought to me. Abandoned and when will these building begin to live again? As history always repeats itself. xo

  3. Good thought, Jodi. We have so many empty houses in the UK and yet property developers always seem to want to build new houses. Seems a shame.


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