Pinning Inspiration

I'm a very visual person. What I mean by this is that what I see affects me the greatest out of all my senses - colours, the way things move, the contrasts between light and darkness. All of these capture my attention. I'm a big kid for rainbows and flowers. It's therefore not a surprise that Pinterest appealed to me as soon as I came across it.

This summer, I'm taking up the challenge set by Christina Katz to set up colour boards on Pinterest, collections of images that excite and inspire me. Click on the images and have a look.

Red succulentColor Naranja - Orange!!!  OrangeyellowSpring light through green leaves.
Bluepurple mazeturquoise rose

You can also find the board for my novel 'Haven Falling' on there too.

Orb of light

If you're a visual person like me, Pinterest can be a wonderful place to source inspiration for your writing.


  1. I'm on pinterest but don't use it much. I think I'm afraid to after the whole copy-righted images lawsuit that blogger went through. I only post pictures I know I'm allowed to, which is limited.

  2. There have been certain changes to the law regarding use of images so I'm not so worried now. I think most people accept that if they put images on Pinterest, they may be saved onto other people's boards which is fine as long as they don't claim ownership of them.


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