What I'm Doing This Month - December

December this year finds me in a very festive mood and for once, I'm rather organised. I finished my Christmas present shopping in November. That's never happened before. I have Christmas cards ready to be written and wrapping paper at hand. We're not quite sure where the Christmas tree is going to go in our new house but that's only a minor blip on the festive horizon.

I'm still unpacking boxes with the target of having it all finished by mid month, and delighting in re-discovering all kind of gems that I'd packed away during probably the move before last.

I have a new desk for my first ever study. I'm sitting at it now as I type. This will probably be the last room I'll sort out but I'm all kinds of giddy to have all of my things together, unpacked and in view.

So what of my writing for December?


After sending off my novel to three agents mid November, I'm waiting for a response. One got back to me almost immediately to say they were looking forward to reading my 'intriguing' novel and would contact me before Christmas. I could send myself mad wondering what the responses will be but I've decided to put the novel to bed for now.

In the meantime

I'm working on my next murder mystery play. I have a title, a setting and scenario, a murder victim and the beginnings of a cast. I'll let you know how that goes in the new year.

The next novel

Working on the final draft of Shadowbinder, I changed quite a lot of the original storyline, details about certain unseen characters and the future of the antagonist. This means that the second novel has to begin on a completely different footing to what I had originally planned. I started to write novel number two during last year's NanoWrimo so I have several chapters already under my belt (around 30,000 words) and thankfully I'll still be able to use the majority of that. First though, I have to finish my murder mystery script.

Have a wonderful December.


  1. I wish I was finished Christmas shopping but December snuck up on me this year.

    1. It was a definite first for me.


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