My Christmas List

Have you made a Christmas list this year or are you just hoping that your family know you well enough to buy the right gifts for you? I've probably left this list a little late to be of any use to my family but just in case...

Firstly, I'd like a peaceful Christmas Day. Not peaceful as in alone, or with the family tied to their beds, but peaceful in that there are no cross words or bad feelings, towards anyone, just good cheer and lots of laughter.

Secondly, for my family to remember that when I'm tidying away the torn-off wrapping paper and fussing over some aspect of the food, I'm not being a kill-joy. I'm simply attempting to quieten my anxiety and keep on top of things. I'm enjoying myself, really I am, even if I'm frowning.

Thirdly, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a day without war, or murder, or cruelty? This is a long shot, and incredibly naive. Still, fingers crossed for that one.

I'd like a day without pain. I'm still suffering with my injured shoulder. It's nothing serious but the constant pain is beginning to get me down. Maybe the day itself will distract me enough to not notice it for twenty four hours.

Of course, one of the best Christmas gifts would be to have a literary agent for my novel by Christmas. Two of the three I submitted my manuscript to in November, have said no, but with some wonderful and encouraging feedback. Fingers crossed for the third one.

So, what do you reckon? Will I get anything from my list? What about you? What's on your list this year?


  1. Yours are the wishes of many a mother/writer. Fingers crossed for your manuscript, Fi, and Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks, Karen. Have a good Christmas.

  2. On my list this year is to get a book or two (shared my to-read Goodreads book aka TBR list on social media awhile ago. Hope friends & family got the hint). I'd like your 3rd Christmas wish and if you don't mind, will make it my second wish. My final wish, which probably won't be answered until next year, is to have a literary agent interested in my manuscript. And to have my poems accepted and published in a literary magazine(s) and journal(s).
    Good luck with your own novel. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    1. Good luck to you in your search for a literary agent. Great wish list. Have a good Christmas.

  3. I hope you get at least some of the things on your list. I'm a little sad this Christmas because it's the last one where my family will all be together. Our families are growing so it just doesn't work out for everyone to be able to get together in one place anymore. My daughter knows it and she's not happy. Since she's only 8 that's tough for me to handle. I want her to be happy on Christmas and enjoy it, even if it is the last time. My wish is for her to have a happy Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I'm sure she and you will have a great time. Merry Christmas.


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