It's that season again

Christmas trees are going up in people's homes (they've been up in the shops since the beginning of November). Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw a record spend by the British public. Bets are being placed on whether we'll have snow on the big day.

In the run up to Christmas, I think we all go a bit doolally in our quest for the perfect festive celebration. That isn't necessarily a bad thing but it can certainly cause as many arguments as it does rewards.

When I first started writing the 7 Ways articles, I posted one on how to survive the run up to Christmas. I think that 7 ways to keep your sanity in the festive season is still as pertinent today as it was back then. Go on, slap a snowman.

A major part of the preparations in the run up to Christmas is buying presents. Throughout the year, I make a note of all the things that my children mention they would like so I have a shopping list by the time I get to November. My husband is more difficult. This year I told him, "Tell me what you want for Christmas or I'll buy you a load of tat that you won't want". Strangely, it worked and his presents are now waiting to be wrapped. What about me - the writerly one? I'm probably the most difficult of all to buy for. If you have the same problems with a writer friend or family member, then my article 7 ways to give to your writer friends at Christmas might prove helpful. Have a look.

I'm off now to begin the present wrapping saga. I may be some time.


  1. I haven't begun wrapping yet. I have most of my presents purchased and/or on the way. I also really need to address these Christmas cards but I'm drowning in edits and don't have much time.

    1. I am uncharacteristically organised this year. I'm sure you'll get there.


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