Tuesday Choice Words

I'm currently waiting to hear back from a manuscript assessment of my children's novel. I took the novel as far as I could, I think, before submitting it. You see, for me there's always an element of doubt about whether a piece is finished. How many more tweaks can I/should I make?

Writer Chris Robley tackles just this topic on The Book Baby Blog in his article How to know when you're done writing your novel.


  1. When I'm just rearranging little things that aren't really helping the story any more, then I know I've finished revising. Until someone else reads it and give me more feedback, that is. ;)

  2. I always feel that doubt too, but if you have done everything you can, then it's ready. There could always be something to tweak, but if we keep tweaking our stories we'll never publish them. Good luck!!


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