Something Useful for 2014 - Exercise No. 5

About once a month, I spend a morning in a local coffee shop with a large latte and a newspaper. It started out as an occasional treat but has turned into a regular ritual. I read the i newspaper because I love the way it concentrates the news down into manageable chunks before extending the news stories a few pages later. I also like the fact that it only costs 30p. Other newspapers are getting as expensive as magazines these days (can you tell I was born in the sixties?  - "They don't know they're born these days.").

One thing I've noticed is that as I read the newspaper, stories begin to form in my mind. On occasion, a character will jump out of a news article or a setting will form for one of my murder mystery plays. They do say that life is stranger than fiction.

This month, I want you to take a news article (from a newspaper or an online news site) and use it as inspiration for a story. The news article could be a clue to a bigger picture or it could form the plot of your story.

Here is my news article:

Google reveals first Android Wear watches to go on sale

Google has announced the first smartwatches powered by its Android Wear operating system are now available for pre-order.

You can read the full article here.

The idea for these watches is that they will use apps like your mobile phone does. However, whereas a mobile phone can be put down, put away or even left behind, a smartwatch would be with you for most of your day. It would be easier to tie a wearing individual to the internet and social media and, ultimately, track them. Could there be a story in this?


  1. Ooh, love that idea for a story. Very James Bond :-)
    It's also very Big Brother, so I'm not sure I'd like one in real life.

  2. Oh yes, there's a definite story here.


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