New: Fi's Reading List

I've just added a new page to my blog (you can see it on the Pages panel on the top right of this page) - my reading list for 2014.

I've drawn books from two intentions. Firstly, back in January, I told you that the nearest I'd come to making a new year's resolution would be the decision to read books of writers that I knew and interacted with online. Then in February, I told you how I was adding to my reading list by taking part in The Year of Reading Women.

There are fifteen books on my list. After a busy start to the year, I'm lagging behind as I've only read the first two, although I have started on number three.

I'll review some of the books on my blog (have you seen my review of the first book on my list, Ninety-Five Percent Human?).

What about you? What's on your reading list this year?


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