Ten reasons you should read Ninety-five percent Human

Today I'm taking part in the book launch blog tour of Suzanna Williams' new YA novel, Ninety-Five percent Human. The tour has been arranged by the Finishing Fairies and you can find the list of bloggers taking part at the bottom of this post. Now for the good stuff.

Ninety-five percent Human is a YA sci-fi. It tells the story of sixteen year old Joe Kendrick who saves a girl from drowning only to discover that she is a human/alien hybrid sent to Earth as a test. As she has survived, hostile aliens are now planning their attack on the planet.

Inspired by 'the Welsh Roswell', an alleged UFO crash in the Berwyn Mountains in 1974, along with reports of strange animal mutilations on the Welsh hillsides, and the ongoing Government conspiracy theory cover-up debate, the story mixes real-life places and events with fictional explanations.

What are the ten reasons why you should read Ninety-five percent Human? I'll tell you.

1. Sleepy Welsh villages.

2. Evolving robots with a taste for bad jokes.

3. Homeland Security, UFO investigations desk.

4. Learning a language by watching movies.

5. Alien stealth ships.

6. Gambling debts and stolen money.

7. Lifeguard resuscitation drills.

8. Forgetting why you liked your ex.

9. Deserted villages used for military maneouvres.

10. Finding out your girlfriend is only ninety-five percent human.

What do you think? Are those good enough reasons to buy Suzanna's book? If you'd like to find out more about the author, check out my cover reveal post from earlier this month.

Ninety-five percent Human will be available on Amazon from 31st August but you can also win an ebook copy by taking part in the Rafflecopter below.

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And finally, as promised, here is the blog tour schedule. Please take a moment to drop in on all the bloggers who are taking part in the blog tour.

30th August - Froggarita's Bookcase
31st August - J E Haldman Author
1st September - Fi's Magical Writing Haven (that's me)
2nd September - 411 on Books, Authors and Publishing News
3rd September - Random Reviews by Leanne
4th September - Maer Wilson
5th September - All That's Written
6th September - Now is Gone
7th September - Who's Reviews
8th September - Always Jo Art
9th September - OwenSage.com
9th September - To Another Word - Charli's Book Blog
10th September - Jess Resides Here
11th September - Lady Reader's Bookstuff
11th September - Library Girl Reads
12th September - Mama's Reading Break


  1. Thanks sooooo much for featuring me on your blog.
    Suzanna x


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