September Photo Inspiration

This month's photo inspiration is an old, old shot from my past, a late summer holiday taken before the older children in this image returned to school. 

What are your eyes drawn to first? What do you find as you look around the image? What does the photo remind you of? How does it make you feel? Who do the feet in the corner belong to? Where does the bridge go to? Have they driven over the bridge or is that still to come? What does this inspire you to write?


  1. So many possibilities with this one. I have to wonder if the feet are in the picture for a reason.

  2. Intriguing, Fi. Like Kelly's point about the feet in the shot.

  3. I agree with Kelly, this photo has many possibilities. My eyes were drawn to the bridge with the large arch. Then I saw the boots...umm. It is intriguing.

    1. Thanks, Dawn. Hope I've got everyone's imaginations churning.


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