Let the words reveal themselves

Recently, I've been experiencing some problems with the current draft of my novel. I open the document on my laptop, read the chapter I'm working on, then freeze. I know what I want to change and yet the words fail me. My muse is mute. I am stuck.

After a couple of days like this where I read and re-read my work, I decided to pick up my pad and pen and write it all down. I copied out the sections that worked and in doing so, found that when I came to the paragraphs I wanted to change, the words just revealed themselves. Whether it was the nature of writing it all down (the intention and focus) that helped me out of my trough, I have no idea. It worked though. Suddenly I could see what I needed to change and what words to use.

So if you're stuck with your writing, have a go. If it worked for me, it could work for you too.


  1. Writing by hand taps into a different part of your brain, so that's probably why you were able to see what you couldn't on screen.

    1. I'm sure you're right, Kelly. It definitely worked for me.

  2. I love writing everything down. I have journals and notebooks filled with poems, short stories and blog entries. However, for longer stories, I use the computer. I even keep small pads next to my bed so when I have a crazy dream, I can write it down. Whenever I am traveling, there is always a notebook in my purse or overnight bag. So for me, using a pen is more of an art and therapy to find the right words and thoughts. I even have my favorite pens which I stock up on because they run out of ink so much!

  3. This is a great tip for anyone experiencing writer's block!

    Whenever I'm stuck with writing at the computer, I jot down the last paragraph or sentence that I wrote in a notebook and head over to my couch. Then I "meditate" on it with a pen in hand until the words flow. It works for me, too. :)


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