Tuesday Choice Words

Tuesday rolls around again and I have more interesting links for you.

Five Surefire Ways To Make Your Characters Stand Out From The Crowd from Writers' Village is well worth a read.

The 5 Words That Will Inspire Your Writing by Rebecca Woodhead is a great motivational post.

This is another post by Rebecca, Are You Scared of Falling? As writers, 'fear' can be a major obstacle. Have a listen to this companionable podcast for some advice on getting over that hurdle.

Surviving Second Draft Hell from The Lit Coach is fast becoming something I'll have to consider and this post really encouraged me. Have a read.

How (and When!) to Kill Your Darlings from Writers Village is a wonderfully frank article on whether or not we should 'kill our darlings' and if so, how best to do it.


  1. Ooh, these sound good! Thanks!

  2. Yes. Theses all sound really good.


  3. Good ones. thanks for sharing the wealth.

  4. Surviving Second draft hell is very good! (It also applies to 3rd, 4th, and 27th drafts...)

  5. Rebecca, you're very welcome.


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