The Flashpoints site describes itself as,

a site-specific mass writing event.

What you will see when you visit Flashpoints is a series of photographs of pieces of writing left on a coffee house table, a beach and many other locations.

Flashpoints began as a run up event to National Flash Fiction Day in May of this year but rather than let it die there, it's carried on.

Simply put, you:

  • decide on a location to visit,
  • go there armed with pen and paper,
  • find inspiration in your surroundings,
  • write your flash,
  • take a photo of your piece of writing in its location,
  • and send the evidence to Flashpoints.

If ever I needed an excuse to get some more writing done, then I think I've found it. It's also an excellent reason to spend a little quality time at my local coffee shop. Now, where did I put that notepad?


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