Tuesday Choice Words

Creative well running dry? Try a writing prompt from the Write It Sideways site is about what it's title suggests. Susan Bearman offers a miscellany of place online and off to find inspiration.

11 ideal times to write is from the Raven Blog which I only recently found.

Please enjoy the music while your party is reached from The Lit Coach suggests ideas for what to do why you wait for a response from an agent or publisher, especially over the summer.

Cut Out the Dreams from Writerly Life suggests that dreams are such personally experienced things, they shouldn't be included in stories. What do you think?

Audience, Access, Advertising is a very relevant article for writers from Chris Brogan.


  1. Interesting about the dreams. I don't use them a lot in my stories, but I'm still surprised to hear that.

  2. I can't remember using dreams either but I'm sure some novelists must.

  3. Actually, I have. One dream was so vivid and such a good story, I ended up using it for the main plotline for Annie in my first novel. I consider it a gift from the writing gods. :)


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