Mothers Day

I've never blogged on here about Mother's Day. I've mentioned my own mum on her birthday each year because in my eyes she deserves to be celebrated for the wonderful, often infuriating, always loving individual she was. Mothers Day, by comparison, can seem a little generic and exclusive too. I know of so many woman who are not biological mothers and yet are incredibly supportive and caring to those they know. Who celebrates them?

Today I will be spoilt by my husband and children but I'll also be thinking about the women who have touched my life who haven't been mothers themselves and yet have made a difference. Some are still with us. Others are not.

Auntie Betty - cantankerous, naughty, got through three husbands.
My godmother, Kath - 86 years old, still living in the house she was born in, never married. Despite her health not being good, she's always laughing and joking. Her hips don't work as well as they did but she still enjoys a dance.
Joan - best friend to my late mum and a good friend of mine. Even at 90 years old, she's still jetting off to South Africa on a yearly basis. My children see her as an adopted grandma. She's ever strong. ever positive and a joy to be around.


  1. It's always nice to take time to appreciate people who have touched our lives.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Great inspiration...

  3. In the US, it isn't Mother's Day till May, but it's always a good time to honor all the women who've helped us learn and grow. Your three inspirations sound awesome!

  4. It's always the right time to celebrate the people in your life :-)

  5. So lovely to see mum-figures celebrated on Mother's Day too ... my mum is in South Africa and we only celebrate Mother's Day there in May, so I helped celebrate Mother's Day with my cousin, who has been like my surrogate mother since I moved to the UK.

    She even counts me as one of her kids ...:)

  6. They sound like amazing women who i'd like to emulate!

  7. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Fi, and best wishes to your inspirational ladies.

  8. Thank you for the lovely comments. Sunday morning was mine and then we went to visit my mother in law in the afternoon. It was a 'mainly' restful day.

  9. What a beautiful mum you have Fi and since you changed your blog from green to blue, I didn't recognize it. Hope all is well.


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