Isabelle's Song

Last week I was ill, incapacitated by pain after what should have been a routine visit to the dentist. I was on heavy duty painkillers and ironically, although taking the edge off the pain they were intended for, they gave me sickening headaches. I found myself in tears for a few hours each day and felt generally pathetic. Emotionally and physically, I curled up in a ball and did the bare minimum.

Even in this state of shutdown though, my muse found a way to inspire me. My inability to do a great deal physically and mentally led me to do one thing more - listen. I listened to my children talking, my husband's worries, the sounds outside the house, the news on TV and specifically to the music on the radio.

One song in particular grabbed my attention because it's lyrics beautifully matched the personality and life of a character in the novel I'm writing. This in turn got me thinking about songs that could represent other characters too. I'll tell you about those others later this week but for today, I thought I would share Isabelle's song with you. Putting aside the Banana Splits video, Paradise by Coldplay is perfect for this strong woman who has lost so much and yet still strives to keep life normal for her daughter.

Paradise by Coldplay


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better, Fi!

  2. Songwriters are like poets, they know how to express things in a way we can relate, song touch our souls. And i love this one, too!

  3. So sorry you were in so much pain last week, Fi. Glad to hear this week will be better.

  4. Oh, that sounds rough. I'm glad you're feeling better.

  5. Thanks for the comments. Not 100% yet but incredibly improved. Think I scared a few people at the supermarket this morning with my zombie like appearance. Must remember to apply make-up before my next outing.


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