Wise Words

I had a lovely surprise this morning. The children were safely ensconced at school and I was cheerfully making my escape to the car when one of the mums said to me, 'I saw your wise words in Prima. I agree totally. I love that too'.

Encouraged by this exchange, I raced to the local supermarket and bought the October issue of Prima. I quickly flicked through the pages and found under the heading 'The Little Things That Make My Day Are...' a paragraph I'd sent into Prima Wise Words a couple of months ago. Not only do I get to see my name in print but I also receive £25 for the pleasure.

If you'd like to share your wisdom with the Prima readers, email wisewords@natmags.co.uk with your contact details, marking your email READER PANEL.

I'm now going to have my breakfast and read my copy of Prima. I hope your day gets off to a good start too.


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