The deed is done...

The pantomime script is complete. After swapping around a few scenes and changing a couple of songs, the script is finished and has been submitted to the ladies of the PTFA. I can't describe how satisfying it was to click on the 'Send Email' button.

Do I get a rest? No. The murder mystery season has begun in earnest. Or rather the purchasing of murder mystery scripts by am dram groups has begun. Tis the season to shout "he did it" and other deductory expletives.

And to top off the creative rapids that are my life, I now have a butterfly mobile and painting to get done for my daughter's seventh birthday at the weekend. I think I may have to settle for just doing the mobile for now. Without a tardis, I just do not have enough hours left in the day.

So excuse me while I root out a stick and some silver glittery spraypaint from the garage. I may be some while.


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