Chapter Two

The second chapter of my novel Split introduces the other main player, Steve Haven. Steve is one of those disgruntled people who always seems disappointed in life and themselves.

'Steve Haven pulled at his shirt collar for the twentieth time since leaving his flat. With his other hand, he hugged his umbrella to him like an amulet against the elements. His feet, clad in new shoes that rubbed at his heels, moved erratically over the pavement in an attempt to avoid the puddles.

I hate the rain, he thought, almost as much as I hate wearing a suit. He tugged at his collar again. I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I'm making for you, old man.

The Corporation had offered to pay for a hearse. "You're his only family, Steve," Miss Palmer had said. "It would be the proper thing to do." He had declined of course, explaining that he'd rather slip in and out unnoticed. "I'm not good with people." She had sighed, the way she always did when he disappointed her.

He stopped to cross the road as a bus sped by, spraying his trousers with freezing water.

"Thanks mate," he shouted after the driver. "Thanks a lot," he grumbled, staring at his drenched trousers.


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