Are you feeling neglected?

I've just noticed that I haven't posted on here for one whole week. That's not like me. Truth be told, life has carried me away - some of it boring, some quite exciting.

  1. The Panto - the first three scenes are written and have been emailed off to the PTFA for their perusal. I had already written these but what with the addition of a third ugly sister, a re-write was necessary. The use of pantomime humour is beginning to affect me too. I must stop it. I'm embarrassing the children.
  2. Murdering The Text - I've been putting together an updated website with additional facilities and much more personality. Almost finished it. Should be online by Friday.
  3. Something new - I've written an article and for the past week have been attempting to obtain writer guidelines from magazines. So far the only response I've had is, "We don't have any. Just ring us with your idea". That may well be my task for next week.
Right, time to get back to it. Enjoy your week, in case I get distracted again.


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