My inspiration walk

At the end of the road where I live is a fenced area of grass. It isn't very big but it houses a family of immense oak trees and a scattering of bushes and rowan trees.

Most mornings you will find me there, walking my dog, perhaps talking to other dog-walkers, or just on my own with my pooch.

There are roads on two sides of it, houses on the other, and I can hear the traffic and the airplanes from the nearby airfield. This is no countryside haven but it's one of the places where I go to think. It is my inspiration walk.

As I follow my dog between the grey trunks of the oak trees, I think. Sometimes, I don't purposefully think. I just let my mind run away with me or I listen to the birds in the trees. I breathe in the air and allow myself to be.

More likely than not, an answer will come to me when I'm walking there, or an idea, even if I'm not thinking about anything.

I know that not everyone has such a place to go to. In fact, not everyone likes being in nature. When I worked in London, it was never the green spaces that called to me but the places where I could watch the crowds. I especially loved visiting a cafe on a balcony overlooking one of the markets.

It doesn't have to be a long walk, just a chance to stretch your legs and be in a different space. Getting away from the bombardment of TV, gadgets and conversation, lets you listen to yourself for a change.

So where will your inspiration walk take you today?


  1. It's amazing how a walk will clear the cobwebs, isn't it? Mine's usually just around my neighborhood, but occasionally I head to the river that runs through downtown Naperville.


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