Photo Inspiration for January

It's all a bit bleak out there at the moment. It seems to have rained every day in January so far where I live. Dog walks are short, pavement-bound and with my eyes downcast.

I took this photo on one of the few dry mornings we've had recently. The towering branches of the oak trees, dotted with crows, painted a picture of black on white. I always enjoy watching the crows which mass in these trees at the end of the road where I live.

What do you think? Depressing? Foreboding? Stark? Or do you find something inspirational and thoughtful in this image?

What does it inspire you to write?


  1. Definitely foreboding for me. This is what today will look like here. All rain. :(

    1. Oh no. Hope it brightens up soon.

  2. I love dark, silouhetted trees against a gray background. Gorgeous and ominous all at the same time.


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